Nothing Can Replace A Balanced Diet

The US and other countries are facing an epidemic of obesity. Some might even claim that this is the disease of our century. To lose weight, people are resorting to natural supplements, even though the latter are sometimes marketed as being ‘magic pills’ and from time to time fail to have the expected results.

In 2006, Janet Jackson was among the most acclaimed public figures to have lost weight through a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. No matter how useful they are, synthetic drugs cannot compare to eating lean meat and salads and jogging 3 or 4 times a week.

If Diets Don’t Do It, What Can?

Can Losing Weight With Caralluma Fimbriata Be Safe And Effective?Caralluma fimbriata was among the diet plants that were discovered during recent years. With a rising number of alternative supplements that make shallow promises such as guaranteeing they’ll slim down without additional effort, it’s best to look for the safest and most effective natural alternative.

Caralluma fimbriata is a plant that’s related to the ordinary cactus. It originates in India, where it was used by hunters and travelers for suppressing appetite. It has been used for hundreds of years now and it’s a safe alternative for people that are going through a rough patch. In famine epidemics, Indians used Caralluma to ‘trick’ their stomachs into thinking they were full.

Why Is Caralluma Different From Other Diet Supplements?

  • it suppresses one’s appetite
  • it stimulates weight loss
  • it tones muscles
  • it blocks fat and doesn’t allow it to deposit inside the body
  • it brings forth bodily energy and vitality
  • it increases endurance

In the past, Caralluma fimbriata has been compared to Hoodia gordonii. It’s true that these two share a number of effects, but there’s even a chemical explanation as to why Caralluma actually works.

How Come Caralluma Works?

Caralluma contains some special substances that go by the name of pregnane glycosides. Each time the latter go inside the body, they come in contact with an enzyme that’s responsible with storing fat. They block it and therefore it becomes impossible for people to gain more weight. Seeing that Caralluma also acts as a hunger suppressor, it makes you ingest less food. In time, the body’s forced toCan Losing Weight With Caralluma Fimbriata Be Safe And Effective? consume its fat deposits and that’s how you ultimately end up losing weight.

Have Its Effects Been Documented?

There have been multiple tests that tried to prove whether Caralluma is indeed effective in the fight against obesity. Although results have concluded that Caralluma does lead to losing centimeters from your waist circumference and makes you consume around 200 calories less than your usual daily intake, don’t just think that it might have miraculous effects.

There’s an undeniable advantage to Caralluma, compared to other diet supplements. It also comes in a natural state. In India, where it has been consumed for many years, it is regularly added to chutneys and pickles. Some people even eat it in its raw state.

However, if you don’t have the opportunity to get your hands on some Caralluma plant, we recommend you purchase an extract. Just make sure it’s the purest one, and always consult your doctor before buying any drug that is supposed to help you lose weight.