Caralluma Fimbriata – The Beginnings

This plant is related to the ordinary cactus. Unlike the latter, it originates from India where it’s been popular among hunters and travelers for hundreds of years. It seems that explorers used to survive on it for more than 2 weeks, especially if they had no possibility of carrying any other food supplies.

Caralluma lives in the wild and is greatly appreciated for its weight loss properties. Aside from boosting a slenderizing process, it can:

  • burn body fat
  • suppress hunger
  • provide the body with additional energy

Sounds Like A Deal You Can’t Say ‘No’ To. Does It Actually Work?

How Does Caralluma Fimbriata Work?As any other alternative medication, even Caralluma needs to be tested before it goes on the market. Scientists and physicians that are traditionally defenders of synthetic drugs are focused on demolishing the statement according to which the plant can actually fight against obesity. On the one hand, every drug must be properly analyzed before being sold to regular users. On the other hand, alternative medicine has proven to be cheap, useful and effective.

One of the first studies that took place occurred in India in 2007. This implied that 50 people who had a body mass index that indicated obesity took either daily doses of a Caralluma extract or a placebo. The results? They might surprise you.

After two months of ingesting the plant extract, users had experienced notable waist reductions and an overall decreased appetite. The last aspect made people diminish their food intake and therefore consume 200 calories less than their average daily nourishment.

Yet another testing process took place in the past, this time in Australia. 33 participants that were suffering from excess weight were convinced to go through almost the same experiment. Some of the individuals consumed a daily dose of Caralluma, while others received a fake extract. The conclusions were the same: the group to which the plant had been administered  had lost some waist circumference.

Do Chemistry And Caralluma Have Something In Common?

Simply put, they do. Multiple studies state that Caralluma is made of a series of components that basically block fat. Out of its composites, the most important ones are some substances entitled pregnane glycosidesThe latter block a body enzyme which is responsible for depositing fats. In the absence of the enzyme, the body finds it impossible to accumulate fats, and therefore needs to use it from its resources.

Caralluma Side EffectsHow does Caralluma fimbriata work?

Although some people might claim that there are no adverse effects to using this medication, some were documented in the past. It’s true that in terms of toxicity, the plant is almost harmless, but some users have experienced a certain gastrointestinal discomfort. For some, it might be constipation, while for others a slight buildup of gas.

What’s The Dosage?

People that want to use Caralluma for losing weight need to take 2 daily doses of 500 mg. Most online stores actually sell the product in its 1,000 mg form, which in this case would mean you’d need to take half of the dose in the mornings and half in the evenings.

Just remember, consult your physician before starting any treatment. Caralluma might be risk-free, but it hasn’t been on the market forever and could therefore lack proper testing.