Caralluma Fimbriata – An Introduction

Although it became notorious during the last couple of years, Caralluma is a plant that’s been known for more than a century. Ancient Indians are said to have consumed it during long journeys which implied that travelers couldn’t carry weighty food supplies. It might sound weird, but the cactus-related plant is ‘incriminated’ for weight loss, energy buildup and muscle toning. Over the years, Indian tribes used it mostly in times of famine.

As the vast majority of other natural supplements, the plant ended up on the Occidental market sometime in the last decades. In spite of its beneficial effects, it is still regarded with suspicion. As up to now, there’s still insufficient data that could back up the statements according to which it is an amazing weight loss product.

Could There Be Any Benefits To Using The Plant?

Is Caralluma Fimbriata Capable Of Toning Muscle And Make You Lose Weight?Nutritional scientists all over the world have armed themselves with a high degree of patience and have started making progress in the field of testing Caralluma. It might be true that the ‘cactus’ has been utilized in India for hundreds of years, but modern medicine should be somewhat skeptical before allowing a drug to penetrate the market. After all, it could affect the lives of millions of people.

The most well-known human test was performed in 2006, on a number of 50 people. The experiment took place in Bangalore, India and the participants were split up into a test group and a control group. Individuals had no idea whether they received daily doses of Caralluma or they were simply undergoing blind testing.

After 60 days, Caralluma users experienced:

  • fat loss
  • a decrease in waist circumference
  • appetite suppression
  • overall slimming

Yet another experiment took place in Los Angeles in 2004, therefore leaving no room to suspicion. Since the effects of the medicine were presented at a geriatric convention, a test was performed on a number of only 26 aged people. At the end of the process, out of these participants, a whopping 60% experienced a weight loss of more than 6 pounds. The individuals who had received a placebo instead of a Caralluma extract were left with no response.

It appears that during the same examination it was concluded that the distant relative of the cactus presented a number of side effects. Ironically, the latter were also beneficial, since one of them consisted of lowering blood pressure.

There’s a Chemical Explanation To Losing Stones With Caralluma

Is Caralluma Fimbriata Capable Of Toning Muscle And Make You Lose Weight?Extensive chemical analysis were performed over the years and their results state that Caralluma fimbriata works in a simple yet effective way. To put it simply, it’s an enzyme-blocker.

Its core compounds, pregnane glycosides, are known to block cytrate lyase from allowing the body to accumulate fat.

As for appetite suppression, it is said that there’s a connection between some Caralluma composites and the human hypothalamus, in the sense that the body doesn’t feel a compulsory need to eat.

But Is It Safe?

It appears that the highest dosage a human being can suffer from is around 1,000 mg per kg of body mass. This piece of info suggests that it would practically be impossible to overdose on Caralluma.

If You Want To Try It…

Choose a Caralluma extract. We recommend you talk to your physician before purchasing any batch, because bodies are different and therefore react differently, even to natural medication.