Caralluma Fimbriata – Where Does It Come From?

Recommended by Mehmet Oz and considered by many to be the miracle weight loss drug of our times, Caralluma fimbriata has a truly captivating story. Discovered by native Indian tribes and used for centuries against hunger and famine epidemics, this interesting plant that is related to the ordinary cactus has recently benefited from a high degree of popularity. With obesity rates on the rise, it was to be expected that people have started looking into ways to become healthy. And if natural medication can’t help fight against pounds… there clearly exists no way of handling the problem.Suppressing Your Appetite With Caralluma Fimbriata

Properties Of Caralluma Fimbriata

This type of cactus is largely known for the following effects:

  • it promotes weight loss
  • it burns fat
  • it partially eliminates hunger
  • it tones muscles
  • it offers the body increased energy and vitality

Is There Any Explanation To The Works Of Caralluma?

According to multiple studies, the chemical composition of the plant makes it such a useful tool in the fight against obesity. It seems that Caralluma fimbriata contains pregnane glycosides, which are compounds that act by blocking a bodily enzyme and therefore preventing the body of users from accumulating fat. This development, along with its appetite suppression property, work together in helping people lose weight.

Slimming Down With Caralluma. Has It Been Documented?

The most notorious experiment that took place in an attempt to prove the efficacy of the product happened in Bangalore, India in 2007. Some 50 adults participated in a human testing process. Out of this total number, a batch of individuals received daily doses of actual Suppressing Your Appetite With Caralluma FimbriataCaralluma fimbriata extract and some others received a placebo. The age of the participants was more or less irrelevant, because some were 25 and others were around 60.

The experiment lasted for 2 months. At the end, it was concluded that people who had received daily doses of Caralluma had experienced weight loss and a significant decrease in waist circumference. On the other hand, individuals that were administered the ‘blind medication’ experienced no notable change in body fat.

The Plant Helps With Getting Thin, But…

There are some side effects. It should be only natural for children and pregnant women to avoid the product, although we completely understand how tempting it is to resort to a pill instead of appealing to healthy living and regular exercise. Some of the adverse effects that were documented over time include mostly gastrointestinal disorders, such as stomach aches, constipation and a vague buildup of gas inside the intestines.

What’s The Dosage?

Although some sources declare that a daily dose of 50 mg is more than enough, some other online stores are offering the product in its 1,000 mg state. We warmly recommend you drop by the office of your physician and make some further inquiries as to how useful and risk-free is Caralluma. It might be a natural drug, but it can come with a number of side effects.

If you do decide to buy some of the extract online, be sure to always look for the purest one.