Top 5 Weight Loss Herbs

It is a fact, that our predecessors were more active than we are and our society is structured to support long office hours around desks and those hours of little or no movement usually return to haunt us as fat; and that fat, usually finds itself somewhere in our midsection; giving rise to the epidemic of the ‘pot belly.’ So what can we do? Well, the best way to reduce our weight is by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, but there are alternate ways to speed up how quickly our bodies convert food to energy, how we suppress excessive cravings and shed those pounds by using natural herbs.

Here a 5 natural products that can help you to lose weight:

Green Tea Extract

Top 5 Weight Loss HerbsAccording to a  recent study, this natural herb speeds up the pace at which our bodies convert food to energy, while burning excess fat. Green Tea also contains polyphenols which slows down the rate at which amylaze is produced and this reduces sugar absorption in the body. Green Tea also contains caffeine and when they are combined they tend to slow down  fat production.

Cha de Bugre

This is a natural herb that can be found in heavily forested areas and it is ideal for limiting cravings and  getting rid of fat. The amazing thing about this herb is that, it allows you be sated even after eating small portions of food, thereby limiting your calorie intake. Your metabolic rate also remains at pretty much the same level after taking this herb and it remains that way even before and after you eat and this allows your body to convert your food into energy without being bogged down by excessive consumption of sugar and starch.

Coleus forskohlii

Coleous Forskohlii naturally produces forskolin and it is the only plant that does this. Forskolin is responsible for muscle formation and the general makeup of the body. This element triggers a series of bodily functions that breaks down fat and converts it into energy and it regulates the hormones responsible for muscle development and the ideal body mass index. Forskolin acts as a catalyst and produces adenylate cyclase which in turn produces called cyclic adenosine monophosphate, or cAMP which increases the production of chemicals that burn fat and results in a leaner looking body.

Caralluma FimbriataTop 5 Weight Loss Herbs

Caralluma Fimbriata, when converted to Simaluma (concentrate) and taken by individuals, shows evidence of suppressing the appetite, reducing fat and body weight (especially around the waistline and abdomen.) This herb has a long history of being used in India for weight reduction.

Fennel Seed

Fennel Seed was used in early Greco-Roman Civilizations, and there is evidence of it being used in the 1400’s ( Renaissance era) to reduce weight. In fact, the Greeks called it ‘marathon’ which means  “to grow thin.”

It was used to regulate weight management and it was often accompanied by fasting and other dietary practices. It is still being used today and studies have shown that, it cleanses the alimentary canal and converts fat to energy, while suppressing hunger cravings and this is ideal for those seeking to lose those pounds.