5 Reasons Losing Weight Is A Struggle

5 Reasons Losing Weight Is A Struggle

Losing weight can be a mammoth task, and it does not really make much of a difference if you are trying to lose weight, it can be a gruesome ordeal and you may even consider it an exercise in futility. If you are really having a hard time losing weight, then you are not alone and it is not that you are being negative, studies now affirm that the struggle is real and it is not an easy undertaking.

Here are some of the reasons why it is difficult to lose weight:

Environmental Factors and Genetics

5 Reasons Losing Weight Is A Struggle—And How to Make It EasierMuch of what we consume today is either processed or modified in some way or form and a heavy consumption of these types of food can result in a sluggish digestive system or excessive fat storage. In addition, there are individuals among us who are more genetically predisposed to weigh more than what is considered average.

Increased Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors

Once you are consuming food, you run the risk of encountering endocrine disruptors at some point or another. In fact, it is very unlikely that  you will be left unscathed if you are eating food in this era and these disruptors (found in pesticides, preservatives and flame retardants) unfortunately, can throw your hormonal system off course and lead to weight gain. According to a recent study on mice, any direct exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) or ethinyl estradiol (EE) will disrupt the endocrine gland and will  result in a sluggish digestive system and listlessness.

You Have Always Struggled With Your Weight

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the truth is if you struggle with maintaining a healthy weight and you have a history of weight gain, then the odds are unfortunately already stacked against and you are very likely to have a difficult time shedding it. Researchers have found that when a person’s body mass index climbs to around 30-35 (30 indicates obesity) then they have a marginal chance of losing 5% of their body weight over the course of one year. Therefore, it is best to set your targets with these statistics in mind.5 Reasons Losing Weight Is A Struggle—And How to Make It Easier

You are a Diet Junkie

If like so many persons these days you are hopping from one weight loss diet to another, then you run the chance of being overweight and remaining so for quite some time. Constant dieting can change the hormones that determine your cravings and if you are always disrupting them then eventually you will only serve to heighten the impulse to eat and this is a sure fire way to stack up on those pounds. It is better to maintain a healthy diet and work on losing the weight by implementing additional lifestyle changes.

Exercising Excessively

If you are intent on losing weight, then you should maintain an active lifestyle and exercising is definitely the way to go.

However, moderation in all things is key because if you subscribe to an overly rigorous program, then you may not get the energy boost you seek and you may end up eating more and gaining weight instead. So, eat right and subscribe to a great exercise regime and you will be halfway there.

8 Surprising Health Reasons to Lose Weight

8 Surprising Health Reasons to Lose Weight

Pretty much any type of weight loss usually results in a positive self-image and a new zest for life.  However, while the value of beauty and the perks of having good self-esteem cannot be discounted; current research indicates that losing weight is good for your health.

The following are ways in which losing weight can be beneficial to your health:

Say Goodbye to Your Allergies and Asthma Attacks

Initially, it may be difficult to fathom that there  may be some correlation between a reduction in weight and allergies, but according to Michael Wald, MD, a renowned medical expert, any excessive weight gain can actually cause allergy problems. Perhaps even more troubling is the fact that weight gain can make asthma attacks worse. Dr. Wald affirms that an increase in weight or too much weight, forces the adrenal glands do much more work than they are designed for and if the adrenal glands are forced into overdrive, then they cannot effectively manage asthma and allergies; a recipe for disaster.  Additionally, obesity adds pressure to the lungs and that is likely to make asthma worse.

Rid Yourself of Achy Feet8 Surprising Health Reasons to Lose Weight

It is quite logical to suggest, that any reduction in weight will literally take a load off your feet, because after all, they bear your entire body weight. According to current research, individuals who reduced their weight by more than 80 pounds after undergoing invasive weight loss procedures, saw a reduction in the intensity and frequency of foot pain. In fact, 83 percent of respondents actually felt less foot pain. So if you want to part with those agonizingly achy feet,  try shedding those pounds and you will see quick results.

Healthy Looking  Skin

Well Dr. Wald says it best, (and being the one with the medical expertise and insight, I think  it is good advice.) He maintains that obesity can have a negative impact on the skin, while  adhering to a good diet and healthy eating habits usually result in healthy looking skin. He maintains that eating too many carbs and fructose can cause your skin to be pale, blotchy and unevenly toned. Nutrition is definitely linked to skin health and dark circles around the eyes usually indicate a lack of iron, protein anemia, diabetes, psychological pressures or a myriad of health problems. 

Relieve Arthritis Pain

A decrease in weight can also result in a reduction of arthritis pain. Arthritis occurs when the body becomes inflamed and a series of clinical trials have shown that a reduction in weight relieves arthritis pain. In fact, a medical study of 87 senior citizens has shown that the individuals who managed to significantly reduce their weight, saw a significant reduction in their arthritis pain. While those who did not, still exhibited the symptoms. So, if arthritis appears to be bothering you and you are overweight, then the solution is possibly weight reduction.

Improve Your Mood

8 Surprising Health Reasons to Lose WeightObesity can really affect your body and throw it off course. Quite remarkably, obesity can affect the chemicals that affect your mood, so a reduction in weight can improve your self-image and the way you feel. In fact, weight reduction can help fight depression and could very well be termed one of the natural antidotes that may do you a world of good. Interestingly, Pre-Menstrual Symptoms can also be relieved by weight loss, because any reduction in weight will improve the regulation of hormones.

Bring Out Your Inner Elephant/ Boost Your Memory

If you want to sharpen your memory and stay ahead of the game, then lose the weight and watch your memory improve. According to current research findings, people who lose weight actually remember more over time. In a study of 150 individuals, the 109 who underwent invasive weight loss procedures, exhibited significant improvement in memory after 84 weeks of observation. While the 41 individuals who maintained their initial weight, really did not show any improvement at all. So if you want to improve your memory, here’s a solution you should consider.

Get a Blissful Night’s Rest

Well everyone needs restful sleep and if you are overweight, then a reduction in weight could be your best bet. Studies indicate that weight loss can result in a good night’s rest and it could counter the effects of sleep apnea. As a matter of fact, a recent study of 264 sleep apnea patients has shown that the individuals who lost weight saw a 50% reduction  in their condition, while the others, who did not lose weight, saw no change. This is great news, in light of the fact that this condition can be fatal.  

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Studies have repeatedly shown that weight reduction can result in a complete reversal of Type 2 Diabetes. In fact, 83 percent were able to eliminate type 2 diabetes in one study and in another, 11 participants saw a regulation of their sugar and insulin levels within a week.

How To Lose Weight Fast and Safely

How To Lose Weight Fast and Safely

Sick of crash diets and fad diets? Follow these healthy tips.

Did you know you can shed more than 3 pounds in 7 days if you eat a balanced diet and subscribe to a good work out regime?

Shed Those Pounds in No Time/Burn those Calories

Losing weight is far easier than you think, all it takes is a little discipline and a smart approach. In order to get rid of that weight, you simply need to eat less and exercise more. Eat smaller portions consistently, and eventually your stomach will adjust. For example, if you try to burn over 500 calories daily for 7 days ( exercise for about an hour each day)  then you are likely to shed around 2 pounds. However please do not lower your calories intake below 1,050, because that will put you at risk. Also try reducing your salt and carbohydrates intake and this will lessen fluid retention (fluid retention usually accounts for 5 pounds of your body weight.)

Eat a Balanced DietHow To Lose Weight Fast and Safely

We are always told to eat a balanced diet, but we often get very creative in circumventing such advice, but there is no fad or crash diet that will help you to manage your weight as effectively as a healthy diet. Get rid of excessive carbohydrates, too much sugar is more of an enemy than it is a friend and try to reduce animal fat.  In fact, if you want to see a significant reduction in your weight, ‘go green’; throw in those vegetables and then add more colors with your fruits and if you must eat meat, be sure to  get rid of the excess fat before eating it and try low fat dairy products.

Try some of the following:

  • Increase your vegetable intake to fill the gap
  • Have your fill of water
  • Step away from fattening food
  • Maintain an active lifestyle
  • Establish a routine of only eating around a table ( this will help you to give up ‘snacking’)
  • Eat 3 meals a day

How To Lose Weight Fast and SafelyKeep Abreast of What You Eat- This is Serious Business

Make a list of the things you eat and try to identify if there are some ‘comfort food’ that you resort to when you are going through a difficult time and what exactly do you eat when you are feeling happy.

Work Out, Work Out, Work Out

Get into the habit of working out and be sure to step up the pace with your cardio and then strengthen your muscles. Try not to make this a chore, listen to music while you are at or go running with friends. The trick is to get your heart rate up and going and make sure you break sweat, preferably for a duration of an hour. Ensure that you consult a physician before starting any regime and start slowly and evenly and then step up the pace as you go along. Try to get your heart racing, then take it down a notch with slower exercises, then speed up and be sure to repeat the cycle everyday.

Don’t Fall Prey to the Latest Fad

Avoid fad and crash diets because they will not always deliver, and detoxing, taking laxatives and habitually skipping meals and refraining from eating will do more harm than good. Be practical, be smart and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle and the pounds will stay away from you.

The 20 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods

The 20 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods on The Planet

Whole Eggs

Eggs are not as bad as they were previously thought, and the latest studies are debunking the mistaken belief that they drive cholesterol up and may even trigger heart attacks. On the contrary, there is evidence to suggest that they actually lower body weight. Whole eggs are a good source of protein and contain beneficial fats and they can leave you feeling full for a considerable time. In fact, one study shows that when compared to bagels, eating a steady diet of whole eggs can still leave you feeling full after 36 hours! It is important to note, that all the nutritious elements are concentrated in the yolk.

Leafy GreensThe 20 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods on The Planet

Go green and it is likely that you will stay lean. Include green leafy vegetables in your diet and the pounds will eventually shed themselves.The remarkable thing about eating green leafy vegetables is that they will not drive your calorie intake up and they have just the right amount of carbs.


Not only is salmon tasty, but it is actually very good for you. It is a great source of protein and healthy fats. Salmon is also a good source of iodine that keeps you and your metabolic rate in tip top shape. It is also a good Omega 3 source,which is great for tackling excess body weight.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Grab those veggies (cabbage, broccoli etc) and be on your way to losing weight. They contain roughage that keeps the digestive system functional and keeps you feeling full and vibrant, and they are a good source of protein when compared to other plants.

Lean Beef and Chicken Breast

You might be thinking meat? While processed meat is bad for you, meat and especially lean meat, will keep you full and will suppress those cravings for unhealthy snacks (and if you were to get rid of those snacks then it is very likely that you could be shedding a pound a week. ) Here is the trick; if you are consuming a small portion of carbohydrates then you may increase your meat intake, but if you are consuming a significant amount of carbs then you should eat lean meat.

Boiled PotatoesThe 20 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods on The Planet

It is a good idea to boil those potatoes because they are replete with nutrients and according to one study; they are more likely to keep you full for a great deal longer than all of the other food tested and this will prevent you from overeating.


Tuna is a great protein rich, low fat fish, that will keep you on the leaner side. It has the dual benefit of giving you the necessary calories without the fat.

Beans and Legumes

If you can digest beans and peas without digestive problems, then go right ahead and stock up on them. Be sure to include lentils, black beans, kidney beans or whatever suits you. These are a great source of protein and fiber that will leave you sated for a considerable amount of time and will help you in your fight against excess fat.


It is remarkable, that if you simply add more water, vegetables and fruits to your diet you will reduce unnecessary cravings and by extension your calorie intake, and will be on your way to losing weight.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a protein rich food that is low in fat and carbs and contains calcium that is ideal for countering fat. This is a weight loss combo that you should have.

AvocadosThe 20 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods on The Planet

There is something special about avocados; they tend to contain more healthy fats than carbs and they have a high water, fiber and potassium content. All of which will wonderfully supplement any weight loss regime.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A little apple cider a day will actually keep the pounds away. A series of studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can leave you feeling full, will cause you to limit your calorie consumption and will inevitably leave you some pounds lighter.

Go Nuts

Even though these have a high fat content, they have the right amount of protein and if eaten in moderation they can be the ideal weight loss snacks.

Add Whole Grains

While refined grains are presently considered unhealthy and some people cannot tolerate whole grains. Grains such as oats, rice and quinoa are good sources of fiber and resistant starch than can be filling and will prevent you from consuming too much unhealthy food.

Chili Pepper

Well if you can handle eating chili peppers, then kudos to you, studies show that they may just be your answer to weight loss. The capsaicin that is found in chili peppers will literally burn that excess fat. However if you are on a steady diet of spicy food, then it reduces its efficiency and it may not work.

Add FruitsThe 20 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods on The Planet

Well it goes without saying that the mere addition of fruits to your diet will leave you healthy, and if you are consistent enough you may invariably see a reduction in weight. However if you are trying to keep your carbohydrates down, or you are on a fructose or ketogenic diet then this is not ideal for you.


Grapefruit is that wonder fruit that you should add if you want to lose weight and if you consume it 30 mins before your meals then it will significantly reduce your cravings and the outcome is usually a drop in weight.

Chia Seeds

Eat chia seeds and get that fat burning fiber in your body.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been shown to leave you full, unlike other oils and it is good for getting rid of stomach fat. However it contains calories and you should be mindful of that.

Full-fat Yogurt

It is best to eat full fat yogurt because it promotes intestinal and stomach health and weight loss.

Herbal Medicine vs Pharmaceuticals

The Truth About Herbal Medicine vs Pharmaceuticals

More than 50% of Americans are presently using supplements to enhance their diet, but how safe is this practice? According to the international campaign group, the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) based in the United Kingdom), you are :

  • Almost 1,000 times more likely to be a casualty of  food poisoning than from taking natural medication
  • When compared to food supplements, pharmaceuticals are 62,000 times more potentially fatal
  • When compared to alternative remedies, pharmaceuticals were 7,750 times more deadly.

These statistics were ascertained from credible sources in the United Kingdom and the European Union, and they place the number of deaths that occurred as a result of using herbs and supplementing one’s diet at an all time low (less than 1 in 10 million).

So Why Is There Skepticism And A General Reluctance To Using Herbal Health Products?

The Truth About Herbal Medicine vs PharmaceuticalsFood supplements and herbal health products, though not posing health risks, were given a huge blow when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tightened its reins and officially made a list demanding evidence of their efficiency and proof of safety. While public pressure led to a modification of the list, the damage made significant inroads into damaging how food supplements and herbal health products were and still are perceived.

Pharmaceuticals Have a Track Record of Fatalities

It is quite Ironic that prescriptions drugs account for more than 125,000 fatalities every year in the United States of America, yet the pharmaceutical  industry receives more favorable ratings and inadequately tested drugs are permitted to be sold and are only recalled when someone dies as a result of using them. The following drugs account for a shockingly high number of fatalities:

  1. Analgesics, sedatives, hypnotics, and antipsychotics
  2. Cardiovascular drugs
  3. Opioids
  4. Acetaminophen combinations
  5. Antidepressants

Yet even with evidence stacked high against them, pharmaceutical tend to be lauded while dietary and herbal supplements are considered the villainous culprits.

Out With The Drugs

The Truth About Herbal Medicine vs PharmaceuticalsAt some point we need to realize that pharmaceuticals and even more specifically prescription drugs are potentially capable of putting us at risk and in the worse case scenario; they could very well kill us. Unfortunately, however, the 21st century has seen a paradigm shift from the abuse of illicit drugs to a shockingly high consumption of prescription drugs, many of which have been fatal. In fact, a report in 2011, shows that prescription drugs now  account for more deaths than hard drugs. We are now also  hearing that  there is also a correlation between a heavy reliance on prescription drugs and the subsequent abuse of narcotics. Now if you were to combine all of these factors with the possibility of inducing deadly side effects; then pharmaceuticals should start looking like a cocktail of death. However, do not panic;  your safest bet is to ensure that you know specifically what you are taking and what exactly the side effects are; after all you owe that to yourself.

In With a Better Lifestyle

It is imperative that you take care of yourself and this will reduce those trips to the doctor, dietary supplements or health products. Here are some tips:

Eat right

This might sound cliched, but you are really what you eat, and if you make the conscious effort to eat the type  of food that will promote your health, then it is likely that you will see your doctor less and you may not need to even supplement your diet.  Make note of the things you eat and try to include food from the major food groups and ensure that you include all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Stay way from refined food and excess salt and sugar which  can be as bad as the pharmaceuticals you are trying to avoid in the first place.

Exercise AwayThe Truth About Herbal Medicine vs Pharmaceuticals

Eating a balanced diet will result in health benefits, but you will need to exercise to maintain that. Be sure to do a range of exercises that will tone your body, give you muscle strength and keep your heart rate going.

Control Your Thoughts

Being positive will not only put you in a good mood, but it inhibits stress and depression, the production of cancer cells and a whole list of medical conditions. Meditate and be sure to surround yourself with supportive people or find supportive groups that will keep you mentally balanced.

Befriend the Sun

Ensure that you get your fair share of sunshine (moderation is key and do not forget your sunscreen). This is your best source of Vitamin D and so you should make the best use of it whenever you can.

Stock up On Omega-3 Fats

Be kind to your heart, your mind, your muscles and your entire body and take a consistent dose of animal fat derived Omega-3. This will promote a healthy heart and circulatory system, it will reduce cancer-causing free radicals, will support your skeletal system and will shield you from other serious medical conditions.

Clear the Air

Get rid of everything that is capable of polluting the air around you, some of which include repellants, deodorizers, pesticides and insecticides and smoke. If you do all of these then you are on your way to reducing your need for medication in general.

Top 5 Weight Loss Herbs

Top 5 Weight Loss Herbs

It is a fact, that our predecessors were more active than we are and our society is structured to support long office hours around desks and those hours of little or no movement usually return to haunt us as fat; and that fat, usually finds itself somewhere in our midsection; giving rise to the epidemic of the ‘pot belly.’ So what can we do? Well, the best way to reduce our weight is by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, but there are alternate ways to speed up how quickly our bodies convert food to energy, how we suppress excessive cravings and shed those pounds by using natural herbs.

Here a 5 natural products that can help you to lose weight:

Green Tea Extract

Top 5 Weight Loss HerbsAccording to a  recent study, this natural herb speeds up the pace at which our bodies convert food to energy, while burning excess fat. Green Tea also contains polyphenols which slows down the rate at which amylaze is produced and this reduces sugar absorption in the body. Green Tea also contains caffeine and when they are combined they tend to slow down  fat production.

Cha de Bugre

This is a natural herb that can be found in heavily forested areas and it is ideal for limiting cravings and  getting rid of fat. The amazing thing about this herb is that, it allows you be sated even after eating small portions of food, thereby limiting your calorie intake. Your metabolic rate also remains at pretty much the same level after taking this herb and it remains that way even before and after you eat and this allows your body to convert your food into energy without being bogged down by excessive consumption of sugar and starch.

Coleus forskohlii

Coleous Forskohlii naturally produces forskolin and it is the only plant that does this. Forskolin is responsible for muscle formation and the general makeup of the body. This element triggers a series of bodily functions that breaks down fat and converts it into energy and it regulates the hormones responsible for muscle development and the ideal body mass index. Forskolin acts as a catalyst and produces adenylate cyclase which in turn produces called cyclic adenosine monophosphate, or cAMP which increases the production of chemicals that burn fat and results in a leaner looking body.

Caralluma FimbriataTop 5 Weight Loss Herbs

Caralluma Fimbriata, when converted to Simaluma (concentrate) and taken by individuals, shows evidence of suppressing the appetite, reducing fat and body weight (especially around the waistline and abdomen.) This herb has a long history of being used in India for weight reduction.

Fennel Seed

Fennel Seed was used in early Greco-Roman Civilizations, and there is evidence of it being used in the 1400’s ( Renaissance era) to reduce weight. In fact, the Greeks called it ‘marathon’ which means  “to grow thin.”

It was used to regulate weight management and it was often accompanied by fasting and other dietary practices. It is still being used today and studies have shown that, it cleanses the alimentary canal and converts fat to energy, while suppressing hunger cravings and this is ideal for those seeking to lose those pounds.

Caralluma & Weight Loss

Losing weight comes from healthy living and regular exercise. People oftentimes become disappointed because there’s no magic pill that they can just swallow and become instantly thin. During the last few years, Caralluma has been the talk of many individuals suffering from obesity. In India, the plant has been consumed for hundreds of years and is said to promote fat loss and tone muscles.

The Origins Of Caralluma Fimbriata

This plant became widely known on a global level thanks to its Indian history. In harsh conditions, locals used to eat it due to its ability of eliminating hunger. Huntsmen traditionally ate the green parts of the plant in order to prevent carrying heavy food supplies. Moreover, in India it is customary to use it in various dishes, such as chutneys.

What Are Caralluma Pills Made Of?

Caralluma & Weight LossAs most alternative drugs, these pills are technically only made of Caralluma fimbriata. Being natural products, they should not contain any trace of additional preservatives. Companies that manufacture this type of medications have over time advanced official papers to the US Food and Drug Administration, in which they underlined the safety of using the pills. After all, Caralluma is a relative of the ordinary cactus and can be found in the Indian wild. However, the pills contain only an extract instead of fragments of the actual plant.

Aside from the complete lack of appetite, Caralluma users may experience states similar to those that show up after the ingestion of ephedrine. The latter has been banned in the United States because of a number of side effects.

Does Caralluma Work?

There is a number of allegations according to which these pills act in a purely chemical manner. It seems that the product reacts with a body enzyme that prevents the organism from creating acetyl CoA, which is a core compound of fatty acids. This way, the fat practically becomes impossible to accumulate. Since it also has an appetite-suppressing feature, Caralluma basically forces the body to consume from the fat it has already stored.

Is There Any Scientific Basis To Using The Plant?

Caralluma & Weight LossAlthough there’s a plethora of studies that have tried over and over again to prove the efficacy of this Indian remedy, results are still somewhat confusing. The most notorious experiment was organized by a university in Bangalore in 2008. A number of individuals were involved in a testing process that presumed ingesting 1 gram of daily Caralluma. According to the results, after two months it was concluded that the participants had experienced a loss in weight. The same academy claimed that all the people that took part in the test had lost the greater part of their appetite. One detail to keep in mind is that these Caralluma users were trained to eat healthily and exercise every day. Consequently, it still remains unknown whether it was the pill the one that stimulated the weight loss or the change in habits.

Caralluma Side Effects. Just How Severe Are They?

Although there’s little data concerning adverse effects of the plant, it is known that some test users experienced issues with their gastrointestinal transit, which in most cases meant constipation.

To sum up, we’ll simply recommend you that you visit your physician before purchasing any weight loss medication, be it natural or not. It’s true that Caralluma has been used from ancient times, but there’s still little to no info about its risks and results.

Can Caralluma Herb Help You Slim Down?

What Is Caralluma, Exactly?

People from the United States are suffering from an obesity epidemic, which is why regular folks are starting to look into natural remedies for losing weight. A reliable alternative could be a plant coming from India, which is related to the cactus. It goes by the name of Caralluma fimbriata and it has been around for centuries. The reason it became so popular in the last years? It’s said to reduce appetite and safely help people lose some weight.

The Origins Of Caralluma

In Ancient times, Indian travelers and huntsmen used to gather some green follicles of this plant and carry them along their trip. They did this partly because it’s nutritious and partly because it provided them the necessary energy to complete their journey. Moreover, they could walk for a long time without feeling the need for nourishment.

Can A Caralluma Herb Help You Slim Down?When times got rough and there was nothing to eat, Indian communities used to nibble some Caralluma to suppress their hunger and therefore save some of their food supplies. It might seem odd, but the plant is still being used for these purposes, even in the present. After discovering its properties, nutritionists of our time have focused on discovering whether the plant actually helps people get slender or it only gives them the impression.

Caralluma Usage

Introducing the plant into a normal diet isn’t complicated, particularly because nowadays it comes in the shape of various products. The largely popular variant that people have been buying is a Caralluma fimbriata extract, and therefore doesn’t contain the actual plant. If you’re among the very few people who can get their hands on a physical one, you’ll have the possibility to cook it or preserve it into chutneys and even consume it raw.

Caralluma And Science – Do They Have Something In Common?

As is the case of so many other natural supplements, any medicine has to be tested before it goes on the market and ultimately penetrates the body of an end-user. Fortunately, an academy in India tested the product on a number of individuals and quickly concluded that it surprisingly works. According to the results, people who’ve come in contact with the plant have experienced a decrease in weight and waist circumference.

The effects of the plant are based on common-sense chemistry. It appears that Caralluma fimbriata is involved in:

  • weight lossCan A Caralluma Herb Help You Slim Down?
  • appetite reduction
  • muscle toning

While some might say that no adverse effects have been proven up until now, there’s little information about patients experiencing issues after taking regular doses of the plants extract. It could be a completely safe and fully adequate way to slim down, but it clearly wouldn’t hurt to set up a doctor’s appointment before deciding to self-medicate. After all, only a physician can instruct you on further decisions and they’re more likely to know accurate data about the plants.

If your doctor recommends you start thinning with Caralluma, you’ll certainly be a lucky individual. The greatest advantage to choosing this weight loss method is the fact that the plant can be eaten as it is. There’s nothing healthier than the actual natural product.

How Effective Is Caralluma?

Caralluma fimbriata is a plant that’s recently seen a high degree of notoriety. Although it’s a not so distant relative of the regular cactus, it’s been used for centuries in India. Locals have consumed it for abolishing appetite and for stimulating energy and body vitality. Nowadays, Caralluma is commercialized as a supplement containing an extract of the plant.

Why Should It Boost Weight Loss?

Multiple studies have shown that among the chemical components in the plant reside pregnane glycosides, which are known for inhibiting the body from depositing fatty acids. Some various species belonging to the same family have in the past been used for alleviating inflammation (such as C. arabica) or for improving diabetes-related conditions (such as C. sinaica).

Is There A Scientific Base For Losing Weight With Caralluma?

Does Caralluma Work For Weight Loss?There is little data concerning patients that have experienced slimming down thanks to using this product. However, there have been attempts at estimating just how much this plant works in the field of slenderizing, which is why two scientific papers were published over time, one in 2010 and one in 2011. The first one, belonging to the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, was based on an experiment on rats which were administered a Caralluma-based drug and examined for the entire time of the test. Researchers claim the rodents experienced a strong loss of appetite and started slimming.

Yet another paper was published in 2011, this time in the Journal of Medicinal Food. The results of this study state that the plant contains a series of chemical composites that have an improving effect on patients suffering from obesity.

Among the first studies that were performed in the domain was one from 2007, which consisted of a human testing process. A number of 50 individuals received either a plant derivative or something that simulated it. The real users were revealed to have a decreased waist circumference, in spite of the fact that their weight and mass index didn’t necessarily differ from the ones donned by the control group.

Caralluma – Safe Or Not?

The greatest issue to using some supplements is that sometimes they’re either insufficiently tested or they haven’t been regulated properly. Some pills might:

  • have a higher dose of extract than others
  • some others may have been in contact with various toxic substances.

There’s a general rule when it comes to using alternative or natural treatments: if there aren’t enough studies to properly show their effects, it’s recommended they’re not administered to children and pregnant women.

Places Where You Can Buy CarallumaDoes Caralluma Work For Weight Loss?

There are multiple digital stores that commercialize pills containing a Caralluma extract. At the same time, this medicine can be purchased in natural stores and other physical stores that are in the business of dealing nutritional supplements.

What’s The Bottom Line?

The safest and risk-free way to lose weight is to combine a proper regimen with consistent exercise. A balanced diet will never be replaced by a magic pill.

If you are looking into trying Caralluma fimbriata, be sure to talk to a doctor before placing any order.

With rates of obesity on the rise in the US, it’s normal to want to stay in shape and also preserve your health for as long as you can, but you might want to research Caralluma some more before purchasing it.

Is Caralluma Fimbriata Capable Of Toning Muscle And Make You Lose Weight?

Caralluma Fimbriata – An Introduction

Although it became notorious during the last couple of years, Caralluma is a plant that’s been known for more than a century. Ancient Indians are said to have consumed it during long journeys which implied that travelers couldn’t carry weighty food supplies. It might sound weird, but the cactus-related plant is ‘incriminated’ for weight loss, energy buildup and muscle toning. Over the years, Indian tribes used it mostly in times of famine.

As the vast majority of other natural supplements, the plant ended up on the Occidental market sometime in the last decades. In spite of its beneficial effects, it is still regarded with suspicion. As up to now, there’s still insufficient data that could back up the statements according to which it is an amazing weight loss product.

Could There Be Any Benefits To Using The Plant?

Is Caralluma Fimbriata Capable Of Toning Muscle And Make You Lose Weight?Nutritional scientists all over the world have armed themselves with a high degree of patience and have started making progress in the field of testing Caralluma. It might be true that the ‘cactus’ has been utilized in India for hundreds of years, but modern medicine should be somewhat skeptical before allowing a drug to penetrate the market. After all, it could affect the lives of millions of people.

The most well-known human test was performed in 2006, on a number of 50 people. The experiment took place in Bangalore, India and the participants were split up into a test group and a control group. Individuals had no idea whether they received daily doses of Caralluma or they were simply undergoing blind testing.

After 60 days, Caralluma users experienced:

  • fat loss
  • a decrease in waist circumference
  • appetite suppression
  • overall slimming

Yet another experiment took place in Los Angeles in 2004, therefore leaving no room to suspicion. Since the effects of the medicine were presented at a geriatric convention, a test was performed on a number of only 26 aged people. At the end of the process, out of these participants, a whopping 60% experienced a weight loss of more than 6 pounds. The individuals who had received a placebo instead of a Caralluma extract were left with no response.

It appears that during the same examination it was concluded that the distant relative of the cactus presented a number of side effects. Ironically, the latter were also beneficial, since one of them consisted of lowering blood pressure.

There’s a Chemical Explanation To Losing Stones With Caralluma

Is Caralluma Fimbriata Capable Of Toning Muscle And Make You Lose Weight?Extensive chemical analysis were performed over the years and their results state that Caralluma fimbriata works in a simple yet effective way. To put it simply, it’s an enzyme-blocker.

Its core compounds, pregnane glycosides, are known to block cytrate lyase from allowing the body to accumulate fat.

As for appetite suppression, it is said that there’s a connection between some Caralluma composites and the human hypothalamus, in the sense that the body doesn’t feel a compulsory need to eat.

But Is It Safe?

It appears that the highest dosage a human being can suffer from is around 1,000 mg per kg of body mass. This piece of info suggests that it would practically be impossible to overdose on Caralluma.

If You Want To Try It…

Choose a Caralluma extract. We recommend you talk to your physician before purchasing any batch, because bodies are different and therefore react differently, even to natural medication.